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Why has this word been resigned and distorted from its original meaning? Why do we have goose bumps when we hear it?

If we do not submit to God we will never submit to our husbands.

If we do not submit to God we will never give our lives for our wives.

If we don't submit to God we will never know how to be and make real friends.

Do you know why? Because submission to God teaches us about His character that transforms our reality. Oh! And submission is allowing us to be cared for and loved by someone who loves us. It is listening to and trusting the God-fearing spouse and listening to and trusting God. With this submission we receive wisdom (which does not come from books). We learn to be cared for because God is our shepherd. We seek advice from other people. We lose control because God is perfect in taking care of our future.

We could list many things here, but we will go straight to, And how do we do this?

Knowing God is the first step. We don't trust someone just because we think they are cute. We approach, talk to, relate to, etc.! We will not recognize God if we are not familiar with who He is, with His voice. His language to each one is personalized.

Reading the Bible, praying, working for Him, and caring for other people. These are some of the many things you can do.

It is a submissive, teachable spirit that God desires. What gives prayer its excellence is the fact that it comes from a loving and obedient heart. - Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers, 419.
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